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Hands-on building is the best way for students to practice the trade, and the best way for instructors to evaluate a student. Each project shown below is available complete with building instructions. Select from the images below to view and print the project for your students. Bon’s Step Testing Gauge, which was originally developed to judge national masonry contests, is the perfect tool for grading your student’s projects.

H-H1      H-H2   H-H3    H-H4      H-H5      H-H6      H-H7      H-H8


H-H9      H-H10      H-H11       H-H12 H-H13      H-H14      H-H15      H-H16


H-H17      H-H18      H-H19      H-H20      H-H21      H-H22      H-H23      H-H24


H-H25      H-H26      H-H27      H-H28      H-H29         H-H30       H-H31        H-H32


H-H33      H-H34      H-H35      H-H36      H-H37      H-H38      H-H39      H-H40    


  H-H41      H-H42      H-H43    H-H45      H-H46      H-H47      H-H48H-H49   

   H-H50      H-H51     H52    H53       H54