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March 2024

SBA Names Bon Tool Co Exporter of the Year in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Bon has been recognized by the Small Business Administration on a State and Regional Level.

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February 2024

2024 Master Catalog Now Available

Bon's line of contractor-grade hand tools for the building trades has been reviewed and updated.

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January 2024

Dan Rice Named New National Sales Manager at Bon Tool Company

As of December 27th, 2023, Dan Rice has taken the reigns at Bon Tool Company as National Sales Manager

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December 2023

Bon Completes Acquisition of Jag Clamp

Solidifies Bon's Commitment to Innovative Tools for the Building Trades

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May 2022

Blue Kangaroo Combo Screed Now Available as a Walking Tool

Bon’s popular Blue Kangaroo Combo Screed, manufactured with two distinctive working edges, is now equipped with a mounting plate which accepts a bracket for attaching a button handle.

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April 2022

Updated Bon Master Catalog Now Available

Bon's line of contractor-grade hand tools for the building trades has been reviewed and updated with over 200 new parts which are all included in the company's updated Master Catalog.

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July 2021

Bon Acquires the Operating Assets of Plank-Ti, Inc.

Bon Tool Co. has completed its acquisition of the operating assets of Plank-Ti, Inc. of Waynesboro, VA.  This acquisition includes the tooling and equipment required to manufacture the popular Plank-Ti banding product, which is used to protect and salvage scaffold planks.

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June 2021

Bon Introduces new Continuous Masonry Guide System

From the company that was founded on the strength of its patented Masonry Guide, comes a new Continuous Masonry Guide System.  There is no height limitation for use of the new Masonry Guide, making it ideal for block work in high spaces such as elevator shaft construction, or multi-story building work.

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May 2021

BonWay Product Line Expanded

In response to the continued demand for decorative concrete options, the BonWay division of Bon Tool Co. has expanded its product line with 12 new urethane mat patterns, new Deer and Salmon Nature Stamps and a unique Cobble Circle Urethane Mat System.

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April 2021

Bon 2021 Master Catalog Now Available

Bon's line of contractor-grade hand tools for the building trades has been expanded with over 200 new parts which are all included in the company's updated Master Catalog.

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Bon Adds Two New Dolphin Knives to Product Line

The popular DolphinKnife System offered by Bon Tool Co. has been expanded to include two new knives for Bon's 2021 product line.

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May 2020

Bon Expands Its Line of Steel City™ Finish Trowels

Bon's popular line of Steel City Trowels has been expanded to include 22 new trowels made of an Ultra Flex Blue Steel material.

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Bon Keystone Forged™ Masonry Trowels in Full Production

Bon's offering of Keystone Forged Masonry Trowels, which were first introduced in 2019, are now in full production.  The blade and shank of the trowels are precision forged from a single piece of specially formulated carbon steel, making them consistently strong throughout.

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April 2020

Bon Expands Urethane Mat Offering after Acquisition of the Assets of Specialty Concrete Products 

The BonWay division of Bon Tool Co. has expanded its decorative concrete product line with the addition of over 60 new urethane texture mats.  The new patterns have been added to the 2020 product line as a result of Bon's recent purchase of the operating assets of Specialty Concrete Products.

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February 2020

Bon Introduces Jag Clamp from Bon

Bon Tool Co. has completed a partnership agreement to manufacture and market Jag Clamp from Bon.  The agreement identifies Bon as the exclusive distributor of the revolutionary line holding clamp.

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January 2020

Bon 2020 Master Catalog Available Free to the Trade

Bon's line of contractor-grade hand tools and materials for the building trades has been expanded with over 200 new parts, which are included in the updated annual issue of their Master Catalog.

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Bon Expands Line of Asphalt Tools

Bon Tool Co. has expanded its offering of asphalt tools with the addition of three new pieces of equipment - a Melter Station; a Long Handle Tar Pot with Wheels; and a Pour Pot/Bander.

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June 2019

Bon Jack Line Improves Speed and Accuracy

Bon's Jack Line for masonry work improves sped and accuracy when building a corner lead.

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May 2019

Bon Introduces new line of Forged Masonry Trowels

Bon's new line of Keystone Forged Masonry Trowels is forged from a single piece of specially formulated carbon steel making them consistently strong throughout

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April 2019

Bon Masonry Jointers Featured on Ask This Old House Television Show

Bon Masonry Jointers were featured on a recent episode of Ask This Old House.  On the segment titled Comparing Masonry Jointers, Ask This Old House expert assistant Mark McCullough explains the uses for different types of masonry jointers and the popularity of these jointers based on geographic and aesthetic preferences.

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Bon Introduces new Steel City Finish Trowel

Over 200 new professional grade trowels are available for concrete and stucco work.

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March 2019

Bon's Tote Provides Easiest Way to Carry Bull Float and Handles to the Jobsite

Bon's Tote Bag holds one bull float, channel float or fresno with a bracket attached and four handles.

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February 2019

Bon Master Catalog Free to the Trade

This 2019 catalog includes over 5,000 parts representing the majority of Bon’s product offering.

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January 2019

Bon Backpack Vibrator

Bon Backpack Vibrator ideal for many general construction applications.

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October 2018

Bon’s Double Edger Finishes Wall Tops in One Pass

Bon's Double Edger features two radius sides to finish top of walls in one pass.

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September 2018

Bon’s Paver Dolly Provides Quick and Easy Transport for all Types of Pavers 

Bon's Paver Dolly securely and easily transports layers of paving blocks directly from the pallet to just where they are needed on the building site.

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August 2018

Bon Swaged Button Handle Available in Magnesium

Bon's Magnesium Swaged Button Handle is made from high quality magnesium that is powder coated so it will not oxidize.

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July 2018

Bon Expands Hardscape Line with a New Dead Blow Hammer

Bon's expanded product line of hardscape tools includes a new Flat-Flat Dead Blow Hammer, available in two sizes. As suggested by the name, the hammer has flat surfaces on both sides.

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Bon's Stucco Patch Gun Provides Cost Effective Options for Small Jobs

Bon's Stucco Patch Gun holds about a half-gallon of material and is ideal for small jobs such as acoustic repairs and stucco plastering. 

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June 2018

BonWayTM  Product Line Expanded with New Decorative Concrete Border Kits and Mat Set

The BonWayTM division of Bon Tool Co. has expanded its decorative concrete product line with four new Decorate Concrete Border Kits and a 4-piece Border Stamp Set. 

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May 2018

Bon Expands Offering of Popular TradeTM Tough Wheelbarrow

Bon Tool Co. has expanded its offering of the popular Trade ToughTM Wheelbarrow.  This single-wheel barrow first introduced in 2015 is now available in three tire types – Knobby, Ribbed or Flat Free – with either wood or steel handles. 

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April 2018

Bon's V-shaped Squeegee can be used as Push or Pull Tool

Bon’s new Reversible V-Shaped Asphalt Squeegee is equipped with a bracket that allows the head to lock in place as a push or pull style squeegee. An easy-to-do, quick change adjustment allows users to rotate the head to the preferred position. 

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Bon's Introduces new RiverworksTM Bricklayer Hammer

Bon Tool Co. has expanded its offering of Bon RiverworksTM branded tools with the 2018 addition of a new Masonry Hammer.

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March 2018

Bon's 2018 Master Catalog Available Free to the Trade

Bon's line of contractor-grade hand tools and materials for the building trades has been expanded with over 100 new items which are included in the recently released, 60th anniversary issue of Bon's Master Catalog. 

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January 2018

Bon Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

The year 2018 marks the 60th anniversary for Bon Tool Co., a leading manufacturer of professional-grade construction tools and equipment.  Built on the strength of a single masonry product, Bon's product line has expanded to nearly 6,000 tools for the trowel trades.

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December 2017

Bon Epoxy Sandals Now Available with Longer Spikes

Bon Spiked Sandals are now being manufactured with  1-1/4" spikes, providing an option to the original sandals which are equipped with 3/4" spikes.  The longer spike is ideal for installation of thicker epoxy floors and other coatings.

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September 2017

Bon Launches New Website with Improved, User-Friendly Features

Bon Tool Co., a leading manufacturer of construction hand tools, has launched a new website with expanded, user-friendly and better integrated features.

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August 2017

Bon’s Heavy Duty Hammer Tracker Built Tough for Multiple Applications

Bon Tool Co. manufactures its Heavy Duty BHTC Hammer Tacker to stand up to rugged jobsites and multiple years of use.

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BonTiqueTM Antiquing Agent Enhances Concrete Project

Bon has added a new easy-to-use “antiquing” concrete coloring product that was developed for use on pre-existing textured concrete projects.

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July 2017

Bon Expands Line of Roofing Tools

Bon has expanded its line of roofing tools with recent additions of Silicone Seam Rollers, Magnetic Sweeper, Shingle Rippers and accessories.

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Bon’s Steel Tray Wheelbarrow is Trade Tough

Bon’s 6-cubic foot Trade ToughTM Wheelbarrow is well named as this low cost but wheelbarrow has many high-quality, long lasting design features.

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June 2017

The Switch is on to Bon’s New Blue Foam Float

Bon’s Blue Foam Float will have the competition seeing green with envy; and have contractors seeing green with saved dollar bills.

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Bon’s New Italian-Made Brushes Popular for Plaster Work

Bon has introduced a new line of Italian-made brushes popular for decorative plaster techniques such as Venetian splatter and white wash finishing.

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May 2017

Bon Tool Co. Stitching Spray SokTM Gear at Pennsylvania Headquarters

Production of SPRAY-SOKTM protective head coverings has continued uninterrupted following Bon’s acquisition of the operating assets of the California based company last summer.

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Bon Linoleum Rollers and Roller Accessories Make Installation Easy

Bon Tool Co. is the manufacturer of the highest-quality, contractor-tested linoleum rollers and roller accessories for the jobsite. Our rollers have all the features professional contractors require for easy and error free professional installation.

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April 2017

Bon Bucket Cart Provides No-Spill Transporting and Pouring of Flooring Materials

No more accidental spilling when transporting and pouring self-leveling flooring materials.  Bon’s Bucket Cart allows efficient one-man operation to accurately place and gauge the amount of the pour.

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Bon Leveling Pins Provide a Visual Guide for Self-Leveling Floor Installation

Leveling Pins provide a visual guide when pouring self-leveling and cementitious flooring materials. Accurate and consistent depth pours are easier to achieve with the pins.

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Bon Super-FlexTM Grout Bag Provides Consistent Mortar Flow

Bon’s Super-Flex TM Silicone Grout Bag is made from a long lasting, heavy-duty silicone material that provides excellent elasticity.

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March 2017

BonWay Color Rite Integral Color Provides Pre-Blended Iron Oxide Option

Bon has added pre-blended iron oxide formulations to its BonWay offering of decorative concrete coloring products. BonWay Color Rite Integral Concrete Color is available in four base colors to create

sixteen distinctive shades with results varying based on mix amounts.

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February 2017

Bon Kangaroo Combo Screed Now Manufactured with a Built-In Level Vial

Bon’s improved Kangaroo Combo Screed is now manufactured with a bubble level built into the handle to provide time-saving, precise preparation and finish work.

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Bon Power Screeds Available in Traditional Handle Design or Chopper Style Handlebar

Bon Power Screed units are manufactured to provide reliable performance and designed for optimum operator comfort. Comfort features include rubber isolation grommets to reduce vibration transfer to the user and ergonomic handle designs to reduce fatigue.

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January 2017

Bon 2017 Master Catalog Available Free to the Trade

Bon’s line of contractor-grade hand tools and materials for the building trades has been expanded to include over 100 new items introduced in January 2017.

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Bon WaveTM Handle Provides Greater Comfort

Contractors are catching the wave to greater comfort with Bon’s WaveTM Handle.  A patent is pending on this arched back handle with finger holds on the underside.

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